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Translators – History's Pathfinder

Translations and the translator`s services are not just for our past and history but they also play a significant role in the development of a country. To explain better, all of us know that the economic development and advancement of a country depends upon the various links and connections it has with the other countries for the exchange of basic products to military services. For all these, there is a need for an agreement or a contract. Now let`s see how and where all this translation plays a role in this advanced and globalized market.

Cultural importance – customs and cultures differ from one country to the other. To make people understand this difference there pops up a need for translations. The historic books of the importance of a particular religion or a sect of people need to be translated in a local, common language for making it readable and understandable by all. Similarly, the different forms of art like music, movies, dramas etc also are all written in native languages which need to be translated into a common language by to be presented to all. It is not just this language translation but for word translation too we need the help of a proficient translator. For example, the works of Shakespeare are all in English but in ancient English. So it is difficult for people of the present, modern day world to understand them. So here too we need the services of a translator who can give us Shakespeare`s work in simple, understandable language.

Economic importance – you might wonder as to how these translations aid economic development. An economy is rated in terms of the profits made by the companies present there. For these companies to flourish they have to connect up with other companies in other countries and for this to be a success there arises a need for translation. This is because, a company might have operations in different parts of the world and since there arises a need for communications in the form of letters and e-mails; there is a need for translation. This is also important for a company to have tie-ups with other firms and while entering into agreements for government proposals.

World information – we get to know about the happenings around the world through the news channels and the information given by them to us. For this to happen effectively and efficiently there is a need for translation. Since news is a program watched by people around the globe, it is made more informative and interesting only when it is in the local language of the countries. This calls for a proper, effective and efficient translation because the content has to be conveyed properly and correctly in whatever language they are translated into so that they reach the viewers in the correct sense with the apt meaning.




Tourism – tourism is one important and essential factor for a country`s development. For this to be more attractive and effective there arises a need for translation. This is even more important for countries that serve as tourists attractions. This is because, they will have people from around the globe and hence information about the country like accommodations, transportation etc needs to be in a language common and known to all. This is important for even the ticket bookings made by the tours and travels for this is again a common place where the numbers of people from different countries are more.


With the development of technology, we have the option of doing everything online. Everything comes to our doorstep with just a click. Since we have the flexibility of doing everything in advance prior to our travel right from tickets to accommodations, all the websites that support all these services need to be in a common language where again translation plays an important role.

External affairs – when there are national summits and meetings, generally heads and ministers of different countries are comfortable conveying all their ideas and suggestions in their native language barring a few who are fluent in English. For those who are stuck to their local languages, they need a translator for conveying and translating their talks efficiently in a way understandable, agreeable by the others.